Set in London, Burt, an elderly West Indian man (Jeffery Kissoon) has been married to his Jewish wife Jean (Jennifer Guy) for over twenty-five years. But one day when he is overlooked at work and his wife falls seriously ill Burt finds himself having to contemplate life without her. Consumed with grief he begins to question whether his long marriage has meant sacrificing his own African heritage. Thus begins a monumental battle between the opposing sides of Burt's subconscious mind. The fight between good and evil reaches a turning point and just when Burt concedes defeat to the darker side of his alter-ego, uninvited guests begin showing up at the family home and his fragile state of mind leads him to reach a shocking conclusion. Ham and The Piper is a quirky, touching and at times explosive drama exploring how we might put aside perceived cultural and religious historical injustice to find ways to love each other.