Privacy Policy

TICAVE, Teatro Internacional de Cabo Verde, is a professional theatre company based on the Cape Verdean Island of Sal.

TICAVE was founded in July 2020 by Cape Verdean actor, screenwriter and director Bernardino Fernandes. The company's focus is to create and deliver high quality theatrical entertainment and furthermore, the highest level of professional theatre in the English-speaking language, Potuguese and Capeverdean Creole.

Our team is formed with experienced professionals of theatre, who have practised, studied and taught drama at prestigious drama schools and universities in London such as Identity Drama School, Kingston University and Birkbeck University of London.

TICAVE provides classes and workshops for local artists, actors, writers, musicians, or people interested in brushing up their language skills. It is anticipated that some of the participants will have the opportunity of being recruited into future productions. The cultivation and promotion of local talent is paramount and TICAVE has ambitions to project Cape Verdean literary and theatrical culture onto an international plane.